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Hello people

2008-03-07 05:16:50 by Inka-Wall

Hi there ,

I hope you all feel good and hope this page is gonna be updated quite soon.

I'm actually working on my 3rd album that contains only original work.
I don't know where i'm gonna be since i'm looking for international producers.
All of you could disagree with my are right.. i posted only demo
where i concentrated on expression more than pronunce or words.

I hope you all will feel good with the new works i'll publish here
and my main hope goes to a hypothetic producer who "hopefully" will change my actual damned life!

Thank you for being here and for caring about my music.



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2008-03-07 06:35:58

Good luck with the international record deals! Looking forward to hearing more of the music too. Peace.


2008-12-29 20:57:33

My friends and I have been loving your stuff for the last couple of years now. I'm excited for some new releases, keep up the good work man! Peace.


2009-01-15 11:42:35

Inka is The Best Singer i have ever Heard please upload more song =]